*Members must sign in at the front desk before entering the building.

*Members must not leave the Club property without signing out at the front desk.

Club Rules for Members to Learn
There are SIX main rules which Club members are expected to understand and practice at all times:

  • Respect yourself.
  • Respect others.
  • Respect the Club.
  • No Toys from Home.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Be Safe, Have FUN!

Items Not Allowed at the Club

The items listed below are not allowed because they get stolen, are dangerous or distract members from engaging in programs. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Emerald Valley is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Toys (action figures, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.)
  • Game Cards (Pokemon, Yugioh, Naruto, etc.)
  • Game Systems (Game Boy, Nintendo, PSP, etc.)
  • Ipods, MP3 players, CD players and Walk-Mans
  • Tamagotchis
  • Make-up
  • Healies
  • Weapons (pretend, toy or real)
  • All Electronics and Valuables

*Cell phones used ONLY for contacting parents/guardians are allowed and should be used at the Front Desk.

*Food and drink is not permitted outside the art room, except for water.

Other Important Facts

It is important to note that the Club is not a licensed day care facility.

Once a member signs out for the day he/she cannot sign back in that same day without prior permission from the Program Manager or Executive Director.

The Club is not responsible for members once they sign out.

Members are not allowed on the Club’s property unless they are signed in and participating in Club programs.

Members should not be dropped off prior to the opening of Club Programs, as the Club cannot be held responsible for the supervision of youth during those times.
If parents/guardians need to know what time their child signed in and out, please call our Membership Services at: 541.345.9939.



Youth must have written parent/guardian permission to use the internet. 

  • Absolutely NO downloads of any kind without prior permission from staff. 
  • Please do not print any materials unless approved by a staff member. 
  • Absolutely NO food, drinks, candy or gum in the computer centers. 
  • Always remember that you are responsible for what you do online. 
  • Members should not change any of the control panel settings. 
  • Never agree to meet in person with anyone you meet online. 
  • Never give out personal information over the internet. 
  • Share computer time with your fellow members! 
  • Have fun surfing the NET but do not visit
  • any of the restricted sites listed below. 


  • Any website that asks for user information before accessing the site. 
  • All pornography sites to include all sexually suggestive material. 
  • Any site with chat or IM capability – regardless of content. 
  • All drug websites containing production information. 
  • Instant Messaging Sites and Personal Email. 
  • Music sites or sites that contain any lyrics 
  • Any and all Social Networking Sites 
  • No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 
  • Any and All “hate” sites. 
  • YouTube 
  • *Members who intentionally access these sites will have their internet privileges revoked.


Lebanon Area Boys & Girls Club will use the following guidelines for the medical care and needs of our Club members. For the safety of all children, staff and volunteers, we ask that parents keep all sick children home. 

Staff members may administer prescription and/or over the counter medications with parent/guardian written authorization. 

Should a child become sick at the Club, the parent/guardian will be called and asked to make arrangements to have the child picked up. We will do our best to isolate them from other children. 

Children are not permitted to carry any medicine on their person, in their backpacks or lunch bags. Asthma inhalers are allowed to be carried by the child, but please inform the staff if you choose to do so. Epi Pens should be provided for a child and maintained at the Club for use during all activities, especially those outdoors. 

If your child has a contagious disease, you are required to notify the Club Director. This includes: 

  •  Strep Throat (Child must be on an antibiotic for 24 hours before returning and feel well enough to eat, drink and participate fully in all activities). 
  •  Head Lice (Child may return when nits (eggs) can no longer be found by staff). 
  •  Pink Eye (Child may return to Club activities after he/she has been on antibiotics for 24 hours or he/she is accompanied by a doctor’s note stating a non-contagious condition exists). 
  •  Undiagnosed Rash 
  •  Ringworm (Child may return after one treatment as long as lesions can be covered by clothing or a bandage). 
  •  Because a fever may indicate other health concerns, a child should be fever-free, without the use of fever-reducing medicine, for 24 hours before returning to the Club. Upon return, child must be able to participate in all activities including outdoor recreation.