Before School Care Registration


Before School Care Registration


$35.00 per child per week.

Annual Club Membership of $50 is also required.

Complete Registration


At Before School Care we take pride in providing a fun and safe space for our Club Members to spend their mornings. We have an amazing staff that work hard to create new activities and experiences for members to engage in every morning. 

Each day of the week has different activities planned. Here is an example of weekly activities:


  • Guest Speakers

  • Movie Mondays


  • Gym Time

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Group Reading


  • Free Gym Time

  • Silent Ball


  • Computer Time

  • Gym Time

  • Group Reading


  • Gym Leader Fridays

  • Silent Ball

Guest Speakers

On Mondays we have Guest Speakers from the community come in and talk to our Club Members about careers, education, and other life skills. 

School Year Events

During the school year we have some larger events planned that members can participate in. One of the events is a Talent Show, which we hold at the beginning of the school year and again at the end of the school year. Other events include carpet ball tournaments, lego challenges and brain teasers . More events will be announced as the school year continues. 

We also love to give our Club Members opportunities to practice leadership skills and public speaking. 

Weekly Group Reading sessions give our members a chance to work on public speaking in an easy and safe way. Each week the staff chooses Reading Leaders from willing members to read aloud to the group as they wait for the bus. Like wise, Gym Leaders get to practice leadership skills by leading the whole group in gym activities of their choice.