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Age of Children

LABAGC accepts applications for children between the ages of 5 and 18 years of age.

Membership Application

Please download the membership application, fill out completely and bring it to the Club with payment.

Membership Forms can be downloaded here.

Membership Handbook can be viewed here.

Membership Fees

Annual membership fee - $55 per child

Sports Programs, After Hour Programs, and School Breaks require an additional fee.    


Membership Form



•What is the cost?

The cost is $55 per school year. Sports Programs, After Hour Programs, and School Breaks require an additional fee.

•What is your weekly/monthly fee for after school care?

There is no weekly or monthly fee.

•Do you have to maintain a certain income level?


•Do you provide scholarships for youth or foster youth?

Scholarships are reviewed case by case and are dependant on availability.

•Is attendance required?

No, we are a drop in facility and do not require attendance but recommend your child come at least three days per week.

•Do you provide discounts?

Our fees are structured to be affordable. There are no family discounts. The cost is $55 per child per year.

•Can out of state children attend?


•Do memberships transfer?

No. A fee must be paid at each Club if you transfer your child.

•Do you provide meals/snacks?

During the afterschool program, dinner is provided at no additional cost.  During summer camp, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided at no additional cost, along with two snacks.

•Do you provide transportation?

Transportation is provided from schools to the Club. We must have a transportation waiver on file. It is the parents responsibility to contact the bus barn to arrange the change in drop off. Transportation home from the Club is not provided.

•Are you open during school breaks or holidays? 

We are currently open during School Breaks and Summer Camp. Please call the Club for other breaks, but generally Clubs are closed on corresponding county school holidays and full teacher work days.

•Can my child bring a friend for a day?

Club visits are allowed during the school year and are limited to one day. Waivers must be signed prior to attending.

Club Membership Application | 1 Child | 1 Year

Please fill out one application for each child by adding multiple applications to your cart. 

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